Monday, October 21, 2013

A little story...

  I was at a place with my friend, around 2 weeks ago, and I was handing out million dollar bills, (
and I handed one to this young girl. She sort of laughed, and folded it up. 
  "Make sure you read that." I said.
  "No need too." 
  "Why not?"
  "Well, I know where I'm going!" 
  "Heaven or purgatory."
  "There is no such thing as purgatory, but why would you go to heaven?"
  "Because I'm a good person."
  "So you're catholic?"
  "Alright, well, I have a test I can give you, it'll only take about 2 minutes without any interruptions."
  "Have you ever told a lie?"  
  "Have you ever stolen anything? irrelevant of its value."
  "Have you ever taken God's name in vain?" 
  "I don't think so."
  "Jesus said, If a woman looks upon a man to lust after them, has committed adultery already  within their heart. Have you ever done that?"
  "Gee, I am just ___ (It was rather old... I know people younger than that who have admitted to that) I have never done that, give me a break."
  "Okay, now for two more, have you ever wished for something that wasn't yours?"
  "No. Not ever."
  "Okay, now have you ever dishonored your parents?"
  "Well yes."
  "Okay, well, according to God, he has the highest standard of the word 'good' is moral perfection. So according to God, you are a liar, and dishonored your parents." My friend said.
  "Exactly, now Jesus said, "No sin can ever enter Heaven."
  "Then I'd go to purgatory."  
  "There is no such thing as purgatory."
  "Why do you say that?"
  "I'm going to use an analogy. Lets pretend about ten steps away, there is a huge fire. That would resemble hell. Okay? I start walking towards it.  Well you say, 'hey watch out, theres that fire right there... don't you see it?"  
  And I reply, "I don't believe that that fire exists." Well, does that change the fact that it does exist?"
  "Do you care if I give you an analogy?"
  "No, shoot for it."
  "Okay." She started, but then a weird look came across her face, and she said, "no, you just go ahead." 
  "Okay, now we would all go to hell.. but Jesus died on the cross to save us. Now we can go to heaven... under two circumstances."
  "What are those?"
  "That you repent-"
  "I do that every Sunday at the cathedral."
  "Okay, I wasn't finished, and trust Jesus as your personal Savior."
  "I do that too."
  "Getting saved is a one time decision, it can't be repeated."
  "Well-" she turned, and saw her dad coming. "Dad, come here."
  "These girls say that purgatory isn't real... it is right?" She had some serious questioning in her tone of voice.
  "Of course it is real." 
  "And also that our commandments are different." (I forgot to include that part.)
  "Yes they are different. They are the right ones. What do you girls believe?" 
  "We believe in heaven and hell, if you sin you go to hell, and if you get saved you go to Heaven."
  "Well,  purgatory is real."
  "Do you have any evidence?"
  "Well...." he got a really confused look over his face. He said something, and asked something about the years of the bible. 
  I got kind of confused, he kept claiming that our Bible, the Old Testament, was written before Jesus was born. But our Bible couldn't  possibly be right because it was written before Jesus was born.
  "Correct... the OT didn't even mention Jesus, what are you talking about?" 
  "Well, all I know is that you're messed up, and purgatory is real."
  "What evidence do you have?"
  "Well." (He kept raising his voice) "as Jesus said, peace be with you." (he shook my hand, yelling that, and then stomped off!) it was actually quite humorous!

Thats it! :) 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Charles Dawrin stated he was wrong!

  I googled this, and got the whole story.  ( and here it is:

  It has been widely held among many sincere and well-meaning Christians that Charles Darwin on his deathbed not only renounced evolution, but also accepted Jesus Christ as his savior. The tale of this deathbed conversion has been passed down over the years as fact. This “event” has even been used as “evidence” that evolution is false. The overzealous have, at times, boldly proclaimed, “See—even Darwin knew that this theory was not true!” 

  Isn't that weird? Charles Darwin even admitted it. Here is one of Ray Comforts recent posts: 

“For the record, Ray believes what Romans 1:18 says that there are no such thing as atheists; all people actually believe in God, even atheists, but atheists act as if they don't because they don't want to submit to His authority. As an atheist myself, I disagree with this point of view. But Ray has expressed this point of view many times before.”

Every one of us has intuitive knowledge that God exists.  This is true, from the most ignorant and primitive tribal groups (such as university students) to the intelligent indigenous people of Africa.  

  I don't think there is such a thing as an atheist, we all know instinctively that God exists. There is absolutely no evidence that He doesn't. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

An Execution to Evolution/Something to Think About

  First, I would like to introduce Ray Comforts new movie! Evolution vs. God! ( ( and 
  Great movie! A LOT of people have watched it, and I loved it! one of the most telling parts in it is when Mr. Comfort asks the people he is interviewing this: 'if you saw your dog, and your rotten neighbor, drowning together, which would you save?' I am not lying when I say that every single one of them says the dog. I was astounded. 

  And then, to debunk evolution: 

Charles Darwin said this himself: 

'If my theory, would get world-wide, I would be in shock, to have people believe that is mind-blowing.' 

No, not perfect in words, but he did say that. and also this: 

'When you look at a human eye, and examine it, it is impossible to not believe that there is no God.' 

  These were not published in his book, because we were born, 'haters of God' and wanting to get rid of God completely in our society today, they refused to publish it. 
  I found a picture of Evolution and Creation on Pinterest the other day, and I laughed so hard. I can't describe it, but it was such proof that Evolution is not true, that I loved it! 
  Also, here is a few facts: 

If We Were To Lose 5 Seconds Of Oxygen:  

Every concrete corner of a building would collapse. 

If we were to gain 5 seconds of air: 

paper planes would fly twice as fast. 

  Go ahead and just look it up! because it is truly, indescribable. 

 And a word to atheist and evolutionist's: 
 Are you for certain evolution is true? no, 
you may think so, but you aren't. Go ahead and open up, I have. Listen to creationist give a sermon. And just completely open up, ready to accept any facts. 
  If an atheist died, and went to heaven to get judged, he has no escape from hell. none at all. 
  But if a Christian died and nothing happened, they have nothing to worry about. (we are all going to get judged, but this is an analogy.)  
  This is your eternal destiny, you are there FOREVER, non stop. I have this analogy I want to give. 
   Pretend that there is an endless rope, no end, whatsoever. On one tip, there is some red, think. The red is our life, the rest is our eternity, that NEVER ENDS. I worry about you all, I don't want to see you get sent to hell, I care about you. 
  We are all bad people, we have lied, stolen, blasphemed, looked with lust,dishonored our parents, and other things. 
  We all are going to go to hell, and what a terrible thought. 
  What we have to do is repent and trust God, and serve Him. It is so simple. 

This is worth thinking about. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

I'm back to answer some questions!

I'm back to answer some questions, I got. I thought they would be fitting to discuss, so, here goes:


I'd like to react to your number two paragraph. 

Or, rather, I would like you to pretend you asked someone why they believed in the Kuran and they answered to you exactly what you answered.

Now do the same thing with the Tolkien book "The Lord of the Rings".

Do these imagined people seem logical and convincing to you?

I'm willing to bet they do not. Therefore, the arguments you give only work if you already believe in the truth of the holy book in question (or the fictional one). If it only convinces you if you already believe, then it cannot be the arguments that convince you in the first place, when you don't believe yet, can it?


Okay, so with the Kuran, if a non-muslim came by, this person was agnostic, lets say, and he say the Kuran, picked it up, and read it, cover to cover, it wouldn't make sense, would it? No, it wouldn't,  not one bit. Lets say that an agnostic came by, and picked up the Holy Bible, (KJV) and read it, cover to cover, it would make sense, because the Bible is that way. The salvation plan, can be planted in their mind, and they can get saved. Afterwards, when they read it, it will speak to them, and they will understand. The Kuran, cannot do that. 


On your paragraph 5, now.

Let's say the guy broke into your house, and he killed someone, and he got to court, and the judge let him go because the killer said "Mr the judge, I am very sorry I did it, and I happen to know and trust your son", would you be happy that the guy was let go? Yet this is exactly what Christianity preaches, with the exception that everybody is guilty.


No, the judge would not let him go free, because nobody payed his fine. Now lets say that that son of his, offered to go to jail in his place, or payed the price in his place, or died for him in his place, the judge would let him go free, because his fine was payed.
Now thats exactly what Jesus did on the cross, He blocked out our sin, and anyone who repents and trusts in Him, will have eternal life. 


On your paragraph 6

In my experience, people from every religion say the same thing. What proof do you offer that you are right and they are wrong?


Muhammad died, and is still dead, Allah died, and is still dead, every other religion, the god is dead. But Jesus died, and rose again, and defeated death! Thats how I know its true.

Have a great day, y'all.
Luke 15:10&1Corinthians4:10-14

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sorry Y'all!

I have been quite busy... but starting, hopefully Wednesday or something, I'll hope right onto the new schedule! :) 
Have a great day and God bless.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Schedule!

   I am introducing a new schedule... That I am sure you will like! Here it goes:

   We are going to have 3 days of the week that I will do (and that doesn't mean I will always keep my promise!)
   Starting soon, we are going to have thisschedule:

   Tract Tuesday (how to hand out a tract, and then how to hand out a tract and start a conversation, featuring several different ways, and also, different tracts you can use!) 

   The Wednesday blog post, which will answer a question each time, and discuss a topic. 

   And last but not least: Fearless but Fearful Friday. This is a witnessing clip. I'll explain the name...: Fearless, meaning to be fearless as we go about preaching the Gospel. 
   Fearful, fearing God, but not man. 

Thats all! tell me what you think! 

-Olivia, Luke 15:10 & 1 Corinthians 4: 10-14 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Will God judge?

  The answer is yes. And thats the post for today folks. 
(And oh, I am very sorry for not posting, I ave been busy, and just anytime I have time, I can;t put my whole self into it, and in order for me to write to convict people, and myself, I have to throw my full weight into it.)
  Just kidding! Alright, my older sister leads a Bright Lights group ( and she has a friend and I leading a small group. We each have three girls. This past week I was with them, in our room, and I was asking for Bible reading, and insights. My three girls, Shelby, TyRonda, and Mikaela. I asked around and TyRonda and Shelby had none, I turned to Mikaela, and she said, 'Yes!' 
I asked what insights she had, and she said she has been reading in Revelations, and she said it was her favorite and most complicated book in the bible, I said it was! Revelations is a complicated book in the bible, and you have to have a deeper understanding in the Word to deeply understand that book! 
She said her insight was that God was going to come back, and judge everyone. 
   Can I stop for a brief moment and tell you how much this scares me? God is coming back to judge, now ponder that, literally, set a stopwatch for 30 seconds, and imagine being in heaven, and God starts to judge someone you had the chance to witness too, or even hand a tract too, and you hadn't because you didn't feel like it, or you were afraid of what they might think of you, when really you just needed to be courageous, stand up, and share the Gospel. I have done this many times, and one particular time I failed to follow the command to share my faith with two Firemen, and I was kicking myself for a long time after that. 
   Now this scenario, imagine it. God looks down upon this person who you failed to share your faith with, and He says, "depart from me, ye worker of iniquity, I never knew you." 
   The sinner trys to argue, and says, "Lord Lord, I was looking, but no one shared." 
   Imagine hearing those words, its scary for me. When I get to Heaven, I want people who I have reached to be entering into those wide pearly gates, and walking upon those streets of gold! 
   Now there is cming a time when God will judge the world in righteousness! And the bible clearly states that none are righteouss except for God. 
    Just ponder this thought, people are going to hell, and as true believers, we don't care, where they go, so we don't reach them.

   Don't agree? shoot me an email and I will reply: 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Some hard questions to answer, and a discussion about 'The Sinner's Prayer'.

   Alright, God has blessed me with another day, and more breaths! And I hope he blesses you with time to read this post! 
   First off all some hard questions: 

1: If God forgives everything you do, why is there hell? 
2: How do you know the Bible is true?
3: When God refers to the trinity, is there three people, or all they all one?
4: Why couldn't of an angel died on the cross in place of Jesus? 
5: If God is all loving, why doesn't He let everyone into Heavn? 
6: Why did you stick with the religion you are now? 
7: I read the Bible once, and in Deuteronomy it said God hates, and in John it said He loves, what is up with that? 

Here's some good answers, you probably want to study for an answer for these questions if you are serious, but here are some: 

1: Isaiah 2:9, Romans 1:30, 2 Peter 2:4, Acts 2:27, Acts 26:18, Luke 1:37, Luke 5:21, Luke 12:4-5, Mark 3:29 Mark 2:7, Revelations 20:4.  When someone throws this question, don't duck, and shy away! It's a great question! Here's an answer: "Do you know what hypocrite is? It means pretender, some who pretends to do something, have something, or be something that they aren't. When a person pretends to be a believer, and are faking it they are going to hell. There are false conversions, and that is dangerous. They don't mean what they say (Side note here, Later in this post, I will be discussing the sinner's prayer) And they are the ones going to hell, because God did not forgive their sins, and also, if you just ask God to forgive your sins, it is a false conversion, because you have to repent and trust God." 

2: I choose to believe the bible becayse it is a reliable collection of historical documents written by eye witnesses during the lifeime of other eye witnesses. They report supernatural events that took place in fulfillment to specific prophesies, and claim that the writing is divine rather than human in origin. (Answer taken from Voddie Bauchem's sermon on 'Why I believe the Bible is True" 
Or for an easier answer answer, which will stunt the person (I have seen someone try it) is this: "Well, in order for you to know that, you would have to know everything, and none of us do," and if they backfire, give them the answer above. 

3: When God does refer to the Trinity, they are not three separate people, they are three separate people in one spirit, and that is the same. 

4: Because that would not be fulfilling Gods plan, Angels were not made in the image of God, Jesus was. 

5: Alright, putting up a scenario here: Let's pretend someone broke into your home, and killed someone, and they go to court, and the judge just lets them go, because they say they will never do that again. would you want him walking around town? (Their answer typically will be 'no', if they say yes, question that, and if they say 'because they aren't going to do it again' you can say they are lying) Well, God is the same way as that judge, he won't let liars, thieves, blasphemers of His name, people who commit adultry, people who kill (whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer) into heaven, your case has to be cleared! 

6: This might be one of the hardest questions to answer, but don't ever say, 'Because I tried it and it worked for me' give an answer such as: "Because this is the true religion, and God has called me to it." 

7: Well in Deuteronomy, God said he hates pillars, and he hates sin, but in John 3:16, he says that He loved this sinful world so much, that He gave his son, just a little studying, and it all flows. 

________________________________________________________________________________________The Sinner's Prayer
We all know the sinners prayer right? But do we all know that it signify's false conversion? When a person prays that prayer, (alright, some people do pray it sincerely) they tend to think that they prayed that prayer, they can go on with life, and everything is normal, and nothing has chamged, except they can go to heaven now. They don't evangelize, they don't draw nigh to God, they don't pray, they just live their life, whatever lifestyle that might be, and think that in the end, they are going to end up in heaven! Here's a sample of The Sinners Prayer: 

Dear God, 
I know I have sinned and I fall short of you your glory, but I want to give you my life to dedicate it to you, and to give you charge over it, take my life, I repent of my sins, and out my faith in you, thank you for dying for me, I accept you into my heart. Amen.

Thats officially The Sinner's Prayer! I have several contridictions to this 'prayer' 
First of all, where in the world does the bible say that you have to 'accept Jesus into your heart'? Nowhere, if you really think that there is a place in the Bible that says that, go ahead and comment. Lets not use the verse, 'Behold, I stand at the door and knock.' What door? It could be your house door, or your car door, does it ever say your heart? 
And secondly, where in the bible do they use sinners prayers? When the rich young ruler ran up to Jesus and fell at His feet, and said "Good Master, what must I do to be saved?" notice, 3 things. Jesus corrected the man saying, "Why do you call me good, for there is none good but God." Notice another thing, Jesus didn't just tell him how, he pointed out the mans sin, using a mirror, that is forgotten, and also, he convicted the man. "You know the law, do not steal, commit adultry, blaspheme, murder, steal, keep the Sabbath day holy (etc)" And the man replied, "I have kept all these since my youth." Then Jesus said, "Go sell all your riches, and thou shalt have riches in heaven." And it goes on to say, the man went away, sad. 
Notice that he used the law to convict him in his true state, of selfrighteousness, and miserey, and also, thirdly, Jesus didn't lead him in a sinners prayer! Jesus didn't lead him in this: 

Dear God, 
I know I have sinned and I fall short of you your glory, but I want to give you my life to dedicate it to you, and to give you charge over it, take my life, I repent of my sins, and out my faith in you, thank you for dying for me, I accept you into my heart. Amen.

And also, on the cross next Jesus, the man said, 'Remember me when you enter into your kingdom.' Jesus answered, "Today, you shall be with me in paradise." No sinners prayer. 

Have any contradictions? Comment or email me at 

Verse of the post: 1 Corinthians 4:10-14 

God bless! 

Friday, June 14, 2013

An awesome experience

   I had one awesome experience the other day at Starbucks! I was second in line behind two State Police Officers from a different city. So, they both ordered, and got their drinks right there, and started to leave, (I had a big order... like 5 drinks or so), so I cut out of line, and gave them a million dollar bill tract, one of laughed and said  'wow!'
   Now this is a normal reaction from people... I mean... who goes up and gives people (not to mention Police Officers a million dollar bill?)
   The other one asked, 'What is it?'
   Now don't be afraid of people asking  you this question, it will give your faith a boost, and it will give you a chance to become bolder with Christ! Now never answer with this:
   "It's a million dollar bill."
   Or this:
   "It's for you."
   And definitely not this:
   "It's a small green piece of paper with George Washington on the front and letters on the back that say something and that you should read."
   Those are not good answers! I have answered with the first two once, but never have again.I answer with this now: "It's a tract, with a clear Gospel presentation on the back that you should read."
   They always accept it! It's an easy answer and people are usually content with it, do you know why? Because you are honest with them, you are bold and forthright, and that is what triggers the person! I think I would be impressed if I was an unsaved Police Officer eating at Steak n Shake and when I got done, and went to pay my bill, a stranger comes walking up to me and hands me something and when I asked what it is, they gave that answer, I would be impressed! Wouldn't you?
   Alright, back to the story, someone ended up taking my spot, and I was second again. [smile] Yeah, I need to work on that! Haha! Anyways....
   The cashier saw me give this to them, and looked suspicious [not] and so after I ordered, I gave him a tract, and laughed, and was like, 'Thanks!"
   I went to wait for my drinks, and the cashier was now talking to the person who was ordering! His words were, "hey, I got a big tip!"
   The guy turned to me, and asked, "Do you have any more of those?"
   "Yeah," I answered.
   The guy said he was joking, but still. He walked over to the counter to add some sugar to his coffee, and I pulled out a million dollar bill and handed it to him. He turned it over a glanced at the back, and read the first line or two, and breathed out an 'Ohhhh..." and then aloud he said 'thank you very much, where did you get these?"
My mind blanked, and I *dumbly*  answered with, "my favorite online store." (aka,
This whole encounter has strengthened me, and encouraged me.

   Don't get discouraged because people refuse tracts, people hate light and love darkness.

   I remember the 2nd person I witnessed to was at Dairy Queen, her name was Ashley and she was in her twenty's. I remember striking up a conversation with her, and just loved talking, I was not used to the situation, but I was loving it! I remember telling her that we were all desperately wicked, and deserved hell. She budded in and said, "No, I am not even bad, I am very good person."
I was quick to argue back with: "Romans 3:10 says that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God," and with God that means moral perfection, and we don't have that."
She responded with, "But nobody is perfect, so He shouldn't demand that much."
I was getting irritated, why was this girl arguing, and being so blank to this subject?  I responded with, "But He does demand that much because sin can't enter heaven, do you know what He did for guilty sinners so they wouldn't have to go to hell?"
"He died on the cross."
"He died on the cross for your sins-"
She cut me off, "hey, my workshift just ended, so I have to go."
"Alright," I pulled out a tract, and said this: "Read this when you get home."

The other day I was at Dairy Queen, and she waited on me and my sister, and my sister had helped me witness to her also, so when we ordering, I ordered a hot fudge sundae that was in a waffle cone, (Now the ice crea, is supposed to be piled way over the top of the waffle cone), and my sister ordered a medium hot fudge sundae with extra fudge.
We got our treats, and I have gotten a waffle cone with caramel stuck on the bottom of it in big blotches and it had milky ice cream that was spread flat right in the middle of the cone, and when my sister (Ashlyn) got hers, it was a small hot fudge sundae with bareky no hot fudge! It was a total rip-off, we ate it. But I got upset, we paid for the right food! Next time, I hope to get the RIGHT thing!

   But seriously, that was a learning experience, we probably have more coming! But I seriously don't care because it is for the glory of God!

Thanks for reading, -Olivia

Monday, June 10, 2013

First REAL post!

  I discovered my burden for souls, in November or December I believe! And you probably won't believe what encouraged me! Take a guess! 
I was with my grandpa and 3 of my 6 siblings. It was Sunday night after church, and we went into Calver's for a quick bite to eat before our 3-4 minute drive home. I had left the stack of tracts I had grabbed for no particular reason from church, in the car. 
My younger sister named Ellie had brought ONE in! She left it on the table, and then my grandpa grabbed it, and brought it up front with him. 
I asked what was in his hand, and he replied with, "Something Ellie left on the table." 
I asked if I could see it, so he gave it to me. Ellie caught my eye, and said, "Olivia, that is my tract I left on the table." 
I replied with, "I'm gonna hand it to the lady." 
Ellie pouted and walked away, I mustered up my courage (I was really I am an extrovert!) and walked up to the lady, and said, "This is for you."
"Oh, thanks." She glanced at it, and raised her head, "Where do y'all go to church?"
My grandpa said out church name, and invited her to come. Gods hand was CERTAINLY upon that reaction! Because I am POSITIVE that if she would have laughed and refused that tract, I would have given up. 
Passing out tracts is a terrifying thing for me to do! To walk up to a total stranger, smile, say you have something for them, give it to them and walk off, would NOT be my option- but I have to do it! 
In Mark 16:15 it says a common verse that is not always followed by the modern-day church: "Go ye unto all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." 
Now to all who are reading... That means ladies too. That does not mean we have to go witness to the cat, it means we must go unto EVERY SINGLE PART of the world and preach! Witness! 
Its a terrifying thought... I don't like initiating in conversations that I ave to tell people they are damned forever in hell! I don't like telling 15 year old kids that they are lying, thieving, murdering, blasphemous adulterers at heart! I take no pleasure in that. But I do love them enough to tell them that, I do love them enough to tell them that they are damned forever unless they genuinely repent and trust God. 
If I had my way, I would keep silent. But I don't want to be like the modern day Christian, who is sitting back on the beach chair, enjoying a coke, and thinking how wonderful the Christian life is and how thankful they would be to God if they got a Jaguir! 
When Jesus said, "Do as I do," He was saying, "ACT LIKE ME!" Which means, Witness, street preach, act like Him.
The thought of people dying and going to hell should TERRIFY a genuine Believer, it should make them get the chills.
My life verse is Luke 15:10, "Likewise I say unto you there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth!"  Yes. Witnessing and passing out tracts can be discouraging, when they laugh at us it can be discouraging, when they mock and scorn us it can be discouraging, when they say 'beat it kid! I don't want that junk of yours' it can get discouraging! But be thankful they are not killing us on the cross. 
Besides, doesn't God say that He will not put more than we can bear on us? 
Why aren't we seeking to save the lost? Are we afraid of what people are going to think of us? Are we afraid we are going to answer a question we will be incapable of answering?  
Here's a few questions/objections:  

"Well, who created God?" 

"If God is loving, why were there slaves?" 

"Why are you judging me?" 

"The Bible says God is loving, you are making it sound like He is judgmental, why are you doing that? 

"The Bible says God is all loving, where was He in the holocaust?" 

"Why are you forcing your religion on me?" 

"Do you really think that God is gonna care if a stupid person like me goes to hell?" 

"If God loving, why is there pain a suffering in the world?" 

Now that wasn't a 'few' but here are the answers: 

"No beginning, no end, God is eternal and He dwells out of time!" or an easier answer: "You see that building, how do you know there was a builder? (let them answer) You see that painting, how do you know there was a painter? (Let them answer) you see creation, and creation cannot create itself, thats how you know God is all powerful, because you can't make a cow out of nothing, or a bird out of nothing, only God can!" 

"It was not God's will for slaves, God is caring, He sent Moses, and Moses freed them."      

"I'm not judging you! You admitted it!" 

"God is loving! But He is also just! He will have a judgement day! So I am warning you about that before it is to late!" 

"I'm not forcing my religion on you, if you are getting upset and you want to quit talking, we can!" 

"Yes God is going to care! God doesn't delight in the death of the wicked, and He cares about every single person on the planet, that is why He sent His only son Jesus to die in your place. God came not unto the world to condemn the world, but the world through Him might be saved!" 

"When God created the world,  the world was without sin, and when God created Adam and Eve, when Eve ate of the forbidden fruit, then Adam sinned also, and man brought sickness, and disease upon Himself." 

   Has anyone on here reading this, ever heard of Ray Comfort? Here is his website: 
This guy has inspired me SO MUCH! I look up and respect him deeply!  He has CHANGED MY LIFE! 
  I have been reading one of his books, called "the way of the master' and he has a firefighter analogy. 

A firefighter was called to rescue someone, there was a family of five stuck in a burning building. 
The firefighter remained still in the truck with his earbuds in his ears. The flames licked up the mothers feet and she fell to the floor covering a five month old infant. 
The desperate father was holding two little children, when he collapsed into the flames as well and passed into eternity. 
There was another firefighter who had crawled into this burning building to try to save them, but had died in the process. There were 6 people into eternity, in a second. 
The firefighter had seen this whole scene, and the spectators with horrified. The fire chief came, and dishonorably discharged the undutiful man. 

Now let me apply this scenario. We are Christians, we are watching people die, and they are going to hell. i am telling you friends, do we want to be like the passive firefighter and sitting in the fire truck and sitting there watching people sink to hell, FOREVER, or are we going to be the other firefighter who is trying his hardest to win the lost? 
I want to be that second firefighter, even if I have to die in the process. If Jesus died for me, I can die for Him. 

Please think about this folks! This is not a passive subject and we need to care about souls who are going to spend FOREVER in hell! 


Thanks for reading!